The Truth about Anti-Semitism

The term Anti-Semitic means to be against Semites. But who or what is a Semite? The word Semite originates from the first of the three sons of Biblical Noah who was called Shem, (Gen. 10:1-5). A Semite would have to be a descendent from Noah's son Shem, (if that were even provable). Shem was the father of Arpachshad, who was the father of Shelah, who was the father of Eber, the father of the ancient Hebrew people. Eber was the ancestor of Abram renamed Abraham, who was the father of Isaac, who was the father of Jacob renamed Israel, who became the Father of the Biblical 12 tribes of Israelites, but not the Jews.

Anti-Semitic/Semite is a phrase coined by Jews that has become a "catch-all" term to benefit Jews through the use of anti-discrimination laws. Jews want Anti-Semitism used so they can claim it as a racial slur when applied against Jews. Having a racial term connected with your religion can be a benefit to Jews because of those anti-discrimination penalties. The phrase “Anti-Semite” is often considered “racist” when used in opposition to Jews, and thereby helps to develop their collective influence on society by appearing them to be an oppressed minority. About 5% of Jews today are Sephardim Jews, (a mixed dispersed Palestinian people); about 5% are converts to Judaism (like Trump’s daughter Ivanka). About 90% of today’s Jews refer to themselves as Ashkenazi(m) Jews. If true, the Ashkenazi Jews would actually be descendants of Ashkenazi (for using that name). Ashkenazi was the son of Gomer, who was the son of Japheth, who was also a son of Noah, and a brother of Shem, (Gen. 10:2). It is not physically possible to be “Anti-Semitic” when referring to an “Ashkenazi” Jew, because such Jews cannot be descendants of Noah’s son Shem.

The problem for Jews is that they are not a race. They are a self-segregated mixed people group called for their “Talmudic Judaism” religion, no different than Christians are named for their belief in Christianity or Muslims are named for belief in Islam. Because Jews are not descendants from Noah's son Shem, the term is miss-applied and cannot be “race related.” 

As a racial term, Anti-Semitism can only be used against someone descending from Noah’s son Shem (again were that is even provable). If provable, it could then refer to all those of Abraham’s descent, which would include Palestinians, Arabs and many Western European (Caucasians) who would likely also descend from Noah’s son Shem through Biblical Abraham, even if they may not know it. All three sons of Noah have the same blood line as Shem, so that line would also include descendants of brothers Ham and Japheth.

To summarize: Jews are a mixed people religious group but not a Race. They have certain characteristics but it’s likely due to in-breeding, a result of a clannish religious attitude and from confined ghetto living over many years, and for using their sub-German language, Yiddish. The Ashkenazi East European Jews are united by their religious Talmudic belief which also may have contributed to the often recognized “hatred against Jews” by others. Jews are named after their religion of Judaism. Talmudic Judaism is not the Yahwism /Israelism taught in the Hebrew Biblical, but developed primarily from ancient Phariseeism (developed during the Babylon captivity) which later became a Sect prevalent in First Century Biblical Israel that used various ancient primitive sources solidified into what is known as the Babylonian Talmud. The Talmud became an adapted religious source for Judaism about 600-1,000 CE. Included with the documents of Phariseeism is the Kabala, a collection of opinions and mystic ideologies written and compiled by Jewish sages over many years that attempts to define Biblical precepts. Jews also include selected portions of the Hebrew Bible, but to most, the opinions of the Talmud, the Kabala, and the oral law developed from traditions often supersede what the Hebrew Bible teaches. Phariseeism and the resulting Talmudic religion of Judaism was condemned by the First Century Prophet Yahshua (Jesus) to Israel, (Matt. 23:13-33).

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