Christianity is not Biblical

Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade

It might be a shock to some visitors to this site, but Christianity (the belief) is not Biblical. It is just another "religion" one of many that worships a “man-made god.” All religions are developed by man, and many are based upon someone’s private belief of having had an inspiration. Some make the claim to have received a new revelation by a supernatural means. Other religions have developed because of a belief in a person. Others, what they have been told to believe, or what is thought has been correctly translated from ancient documents. Man has through early primitive ages used anthropomorphic concepts [1] in their attempt to fabricate all kinds of visible pagan gods (idols) that represent to them their unknown god. In early Biblical history so did the Israelites. This concept attaches the attribution of human motivation, characteristics, or behavior, to persons, animals, natural phenomena, or to inanimate objects. All is done to make physical gods for the people to ultimately control them.

Such gods are all visible objects for them to touch, hold, and to pray to. Before Yahweh (Biblical God) revealed His existence and name to the ancient Israelites, the primitive nomadic Israelite tribal people were also involved in such idol worship. Today, Christianity uses the anthropomorphic concept by having developed a Trinity god consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (all three-one god). The Son or Jesus god has been morphed into the primitive visible god-man part, a physical substitute for the infinite Almighty Sovereign Creator Life-force Essence revealed in the Hebrew Bible. The Father god and the Holy Spirit god are invisible (no physical body). However, the messenger "Jesus" has became the visible god (an idol) making Christianity into another baseless polytheistic pagan religion. Christianity made an anthropomorphic human concept of God-the-Father (who according to the Bible is incorporeal). The making of one’s own god is typical of all pagan religions.

For a belief system to be "Biblical" it must follow the precepts first outlined in the Bible. But which Bible? Today we have two Bibles, one is the Hebrew Bible called the Old Testament "OT", and the other is the Greek Bible called the New Testament "NT." Christianity teaches that the NT is a continuation of the OT, but is it? If the NT is a continuation of the OT, then the principles taught in Christianity, such as who Yahweh "God" the Creator is would be exactly the same as in the OT, since Yahweh (God the Father) does not change His nature or character, (Mal. 3:6). However, the Doctrines (principles of belief) in Christianity do not follow the Doctrines in the OT. That being a fact, the NT cannot be a continuation of the OT. Therefore what Christianity understands and teaches from the NT is often false. Christianity teaches many Doctrines that are contrary to those taught in the OT and to those taught by the prophet Yahshua (Jesus himself) in the NT. This proves that Christianity cannot be a continuation of the OT belief, but that the NT which Christianity has developed through Constantine Rome is an entirely new Religious belief system. Yahwism (Israelism) is the real true original Religious belief of ancient Biblical Israel.

Yahwism (Israelism) is the Biblical belief in, and worship of, the Almighty Sovereign Creator Power, the Life-Force Essence revealed to Ancient Israel in the OT. Yahwism is not a religion; it is a pure simple monotheistic belief in ONE True Almighty Sovereign as required by this Almighty from the ancient Israelites through inspiration to His anointed prophets. Yahwism is distinct from the polytheism of pagan nations and is NOT Judaism. The name comes from YHWH (Hebrew) Yahweh (English) as the covenant name given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel and Moses in (Exodus 3:15-16). The Hebrew Bible throughout teaches that Yahweh is the Original Originator of everything existing. His name means He-Is, He-Exists, or Ever-Living. Yahweh is the only name for the Almighty that Yahwists (believers in Yahweh) accept as the personal proper name for the Almighty. Yahweh is the one infinite Almighty Sovereign Creator Life-force Essence revealed in the Hebrew Bible. He is incorporeal (has no physical body), yet exists throughout creation and dwells within those that put their trust and belief in Him as Sovereign. Yahwists reject substitute names like God, Jehovah, or Lord since all are false deities. Yahwists use the Hebrew name Yahshua (not Jesus) as the proper name for the prophet sent by Yahweh, to the First Century Israelites as recorded in the Greek writings. Yahshua means “YHWH is Savior” in Hebrew.


[1] The attribution of human characteristics, or human behavior to nonhumans, e.g. man-made deities in mythology.


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