Introduction to the "The New Mandate"

Dear visitor to our web-site, I am sure that you along with the people of the Globe would all like to see a lasting resolution to the on-going violence in Gaza between the Jews and the Palestinians, and at the same time help to eliminate war and terrorism between these two. We all must agree, that it is time for an absolute final solution to the 66-year Jew vs. Palestinian conflict. This on-going situation cannot be solved by attempting to develop a compromise agreement these between two opposite sides. It has not worked, and will not work especially since the United States provides weapons "of mass destruction" to help the Jews kill and oppress their neighbor. Jews do not, and will not accept the Palestinian people as their equal, or anyone having any other affirmation except Jews. Jews desire world domination.

It is apparent by their disregard for others that, to a Jew no one else matters, period. Christians do not matter, Muslims do not matter, Arabs do not matter. The American people do not matter, lives of others do not matter. All non-Jews are considered no better than dogs in the eye of the Jew. Jews in the country called Israel are self-centered Talmudic/Kabala controlled religious people they could care less about the demise of anyone else. Jews are not a Race or an ethnic people, but are bound together by the extremes of a mind controled self-centered religion. Palestinians on the other hand are resolute, and stubborn. They will not give up. Some Palestinians are also bound by the extremes of their religion. Palestinians have a tendency to return an unforgiven injustice in due time, no matter what the cost, or how many years or lives it will take. Both these traits are unfortunate, and not very constructive, as the conflict of some 66 years has proven.

The New Mandate is a drastic proposal but equatable proposal to forever end the conflict, but one that will require extreme pressure from the world community, especially by the people of America, Great Britain, and France, to force equality between the Jew and the Palestinian......There can be NO COMPROMISE in equality. Jews are not superior than anyone else, and they are not followers of the Hebrew Scriptures. A Palestinian State MUST be created, and it cannot contain "isolated islands of land with dense populations" subject to the complete control of Jew. Because it is a land island, the Gaza Strip must become part of the State of Israel, In return Israel must give much of it's stolen Northern territory and the West Bank to make room for the new Palestinian State, The City of Haifa, must become the Capital of the State of Palestine. The Palestinian State must become a viable State. The resulting smaller Jewish State will have equal opportunity for success and independence. The Jews must be disarmed from their weapons of mass destruction, and an embargo on the Jews must be placed to avoid continued hostilities. As American, British, and French people, we as a global citizen must see that this becomes a reality.

The change of leadership in the Government of America (2016) is the perfect opportunity to FORCE THESE CHANGES on both the Jews, and the Palestinians. If the situation between these two peoples is not corrected, terrorism and hatred will NOT be corrected, and those that support the Jew will continue to be subject to acts of hatred. It is that important. The conflict between the Jew, and the Palestinian is a direct cause for terrorism against any State that continues to support the Jew and their agenda for world control. It is high time for Americans to recognize, that Jews are not the friends of the American People. Jews are not friends of any people on the Globe. The American F-14 fighter jets, the Apache helicopters, their rockets, and smart bombs, are the only friends Jews have with the American people. Take away the billions of annual dollars of U.S. support, the weapons of mass destruction that they have acquired from us, and their friendship to America will disappear overnight.

Jews unfortunately, have been very successful in manipulating control over the American people through their vast influence in the Christian community and in the United States Government by their control of Congress, the current President, all major American News Networks and Television, and by their control of the American Banking industry, the Federal Reserve Banks and other major world currencies. The Jews in fact, invented "printed" fiat currency that is now used as money, and the Private Federal Reserve Banking system of the United States.

Contrary to the understanding of Christians, Jews are imposters to the Scriptural Israelites. They are not related in any way to the Ancient Israelites by their religion or otherwise. It is high time that this truth is recognized. The only claim the Jew has to any land in Palestine is from the original League of Nations (UN) a mandate 66-years ago, which was put together by European nations that wanted to rid the Jew from Europe by dumping them on the people of Palestine at the request of British Zionist Jews.

I ask for all your help to support the following "extreme" solution necessary to change the Middle East into a peaceful world community, and to eliminate the need for terrorism acts by an oppressed and desperate Palestinian people. Unless we do this, wars and terrorism will continue, and anything the current President attempts in the region is destined to fail. If this requires withdrawing all financial support and the sales of arms for the Jews, than so be it. As long as Arms from the United States continues to flow to the Jews, the Jews will continue to oppress and kill their neighbors, and we as Americans will continue to be subject to hatred violence and possible retribution by those that are oppressed due to our Government policies, and we would deserve it, for not having prevented it.

Let us force this change through Governments, and let us once and for all make a difference.
Yes, the plan will require a vast population shift, but it can be done. Most of the infrastructure the Jews have created in the proposed Palestinian State was paid for by American funds anyway. It is time to treat the Palestinian people as equal with the Jew in the eyes of the American people and the world, and give the Palestinians a life and future to look forward to, thereby eliminate their need for terror acts. If we do this, we can re-establish the trust that we as Americans, British, and French are a just and righteous people. Please forward this Site to your friends.


John (Yochannan) William

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