A summary of the Palestinian Jew Conflict

After WWI and WWII Britain obtained control of Palestine from the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire. Zionist European Jews had a vision for a religious homeland in Palestine that was eventually endorsed by the British. When Britain, in 1947, declared it would withdraw from Palestine, the UN (League of Nations at that time) stepped in and they adopted a plan that called for a partition of Palestine into two States One Palestinian and one Jewish. The city of Jerusalem was designated to be under the control of the UN. This plan lead to a steady increase and flow of Jewish European foreigners from Europe to Palestine, alarming local Arabs. It soon resulted in on going violence and terror between the two sides.

The Arabs throughout the Middle East rejected the partition plan, but the Jews in Europe and already in Palestine rejoiced and began to prepare for war with arms and tanks mainly provided by the British and the United States. In 1948, the Jews proclaimed an independent State of Israel, and Arab and Jew violence escalated. The governments of Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon prepared for war. However, the Jews had become well armed thanks to the British and the United States, and were better organized. They soon gained the upper hand repulsing the Arab armies. This resulted in Jews seizing more of Palestine than had been prescribed by the UN partition plan. The action by the Jews also uprooted 750,000 Palestinian's from their homeland, and put many in limbo. To date, hostilities continue between the two parties.

The 1967 War

In early 1967 Syria and Egypt appeared to be preparing for an attack on Israel. On June 5 the Jews struck first, routing Egyptian forces and seizing the Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip. Jordan then shelled Tel Aviv and the Jews retaliated capturing all of Arab held Jerusalem and the West Bank area. In the North, the Jews captured Syria's Golan Heights.

Several months later, the UN passed resolution 242, calling for the Jews to withdraw from the held territory in exchange for peace. In 1978 President Jimmy Carter developed a treaty between the Egyptians and the Jews in return for the Sinai, and full political and economic ties.

Soon after capturing the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Sinai, and the Golan Heights in the 1967 pre-emptive war, the Jews formulated a policy that was deliberately designed to create settlements in captured territories, with the intent, that it would become difficult for anyone to remove them. Such deliberated activity violated the principles set down by the fourth Geneva Convention, which forbids victors in war to colonize foreign lands.

Unlawful settlements

Since 1967, the Jews have expanded their unlawful settlements, by expropriating Arab lands captured by their superior military air and ground power (supplied by the United States). They have continued to build homes for Jews on these stolen Palestinian lands even when their leaders were attempting to negotiate peace with the Palestinian's. Although some of these Jewish settlements are motivated by ideology, government subsidies and incentives attract many others.

American taxpayers give the Jews 3.5 Billion every year, to one of the worlds wealthiest nations, Why? Israel controls all the entrances and exists to Gaza, creating what is effectively an open-air prison. It continues to prevent food and medicines from entering Gaza, creating the conditions that foster the hatred of the Jews. Thanks to the United States, and the misdirected foreign policy of the last two presidents, The Jewish State of Israel has become the 4th most powerful military on earth, with over 300 U.S. supplied atomic weapons.

Until the United States corrects the failed policies of the past, terrorism against Americans and Jews will continue, all this because America has contributed to the misery of a desperate and oppressed people by supporting the imposter Jew in the country called Israel.

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