Pray in this manner

According to Yahshua (per to Matthew 6:9)


Matt. 9    In this way you should be praying –


                  Our Father who is in the Heavens, may Your name be Set-Apart!


Matt. 10  Let Your Kingdom be known;  as Your will is done in Heaven, so also let it be upon the Earth,


Matt. 11  give to us day by day the food we need;


Matt. 12  and forgive us our offenses, as we also forgive those who offended us.


Matt. 13  Prevent us from entering into temptation, and preserve us from harm (lit. or error).


Matt. 14  For Yours is the Kingdom, all the Power, and all the Esteem, into the ages,  Aw-mane.


Note: Matt. 14 is an addition, and not part of older Greek Texts.



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