Map mandate for a Civil Palestinian and Jewish State

"We knew that the 1.5 million inhabitants of Gaza were being starved, as the U.N. special rapporteur on the right to food had found that acute malnutrition in Gaza was on the same scale as in the poorest nations in the southern Sahara, with more than half of all Palestinian families eating only one meal a day.

Palestinian leaders from Gaza were noncommittal on all issues, claiming that rockets were the only way to respond to their imprisonment and to dramatize their humanitarian plight. The top Hamas leaders in Damascus, however, agreed to consider a cease-fire in Gaza only, provided Israel would not attack Gaza and would permit normal humanitarian supplies to be delivered to Palestinian citizens."

The above quotation is from an op-ed that was published in the Jan. 8, 2009 issue of The Washington Post. The writer President Jimmy Carter was president from 1977 to 1981. He founded the Carter Center, a nongovernmental organization advancing peace and health worldwide, in 1982.

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The United Nations on the Globe must
by sanctions or arms if necessary, force Israel and Palestinian people to agree to a re-alignment of the current boundaries in Palestine so that a viable Palestinian State and a viable (but reduced) Jewish State can emerge.

The current division of the Palestinian population and the boundaries acquired by war and Jewish military force and aggression, and the misstreatment of
non-Jew neighboring States must not be permitted to continue. In addition, the Jews and the Palestinian people must learn to live in harmony within their designated new State borders. They must become civil Nations that are worthy of acceptance in the world community of Nations.

The Mandate Basics:

  • The Division and the Partition of land forming the New State of Palestine and Israel shall conform with the boundaries shown on the attached map, and/or with minor ajustments.
  • All real property located within the boundaries shown as Israel shall become the property of the citizens and elected Government of Israel. No improvements may be destroyed.
  • All real property located within the boundaries shown as Palestine shall become the property of the citizens and elected Government of Palestine. No improvements if existing may be destroyed.
  • All real property located outside of the boundaries designated as Palestine or Israel shall become the property of the citizens of the designated neighboring States of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan or
  • The boundaries and limits of the City of Jerusalem shall be set by a board appointed by the United Nations. There shall be no private ownership of real property within the boundaries of the extablished City of Jerusalem. All properties within the designated boundaries of the city shall be leased by bid, managed, and maintained by an appointed board. The city may not become designated as a capital of either new State.
  • During the relocation of the various people within their new State borders, the destruction of property, existing infrastructure, and/or existing structures will not be permitted. There will be no compensation to any person or current resident for displacement or loss as a result due to their relocation. Such losses will be their sacrifice for a lasting Statehood and peace.
  • All properties lying outside of all the "new" State boundaries must be vacated by the current occupant on a time-table established by the regulating authority, Military force will be used to evacuate properties if required.
  • A system will be developed to divide, distribute, and grant title, to newly acquired "but unappropriated" real property lying within the newly mandated State boundaries. House-holds and associations of displaced citizens shall have the opportunity to acquire property by way of a national lottery to be held for that purpose. >
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