Summary of Belief


Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade


We believe in One Almighty who is the Sovereign Creator Power and Life-Force Essence of the entire created Universe.


We believe the Almighty’s name in Hebrew is YHWH, (transliterated “Yahweh” in English),


We believe Yahweh revealed Himself by two means: First, is through the physical record found in the “Natural Sciences” this is Yahweh’s General Revelation. The Second, is through the written record as found only in the Hebrew Bible; this record is Yahweh’s Special Revelation.


We believe that the Hebrew Bible is the only foundation for the belief of Yahwism (Biblical Israelism).


We believe that Salvation/redemption that brings eternal life was Yahweh’s promise to the ancient chosen Israelites by Covenant.


We believe that the Greek Bible known as the Greek New Testament (NT) is not the inspired word of the Almighty, nor does it claim to be. It was developed primarily from hearsay over many years, and from the subsequent private opinions generated by men for over 300 years.


We believe circumcision is a requirement for all new born males that are of the descendants of Abraham through Jacob/Israel; it is a sign of the covenant for male Israelites, and symbolizes a separation for Yahweh.


We believe in keeping Yahweh’s food law - some animals are created to be used for food and some are not.


Statement on abortion: We believe that a conception resulting from a documented rape, incest, or that would present a medical risk to the life of the woman, falls into the category of “self-defense” and thereby it is the only condition that permits a woman’s choice.


Sexual Deviation: Yahweh gave admonitions against specific sexual perversions in detail. We believe that the Hebrew Bible sets the standards for sexual relationships, Not the Government, or the LGBHQ community.


The New Testament teaches that Jesus was a prophet, given the Hebrew name Yahshua . Yahshua in Hebrew means Yahweh-saves; this was also the message of the Prophet Yahshua.


The error of the Trinity - The trinity concept is fully pagan, and is foreign to the teachings of both the Hebrew Bible and the so-called Greek New Testament.


The error of Human Sacrifice – Human or animal sacrifices made in order to receive forgiveness for sin is pagan. Yahweh does not need a human or animal to die as payment in order for Him to forgive sin. All such sacrifices are forbidden by Yahweh.


The error of a Satan, devils and demons - The Hebrew Bible does not teach the concept of free roaming “spirit beings” with powers to compete with their own Creator, all of Creation serves Yahweh, and only Yahweh.


The error of a physical Hell – or a place of endless torment for the wicked. The Hebrew Bible does not teach the concept of an eternal physical place like the Christian hell. The wicked are destroyed at their time of death.


The error of “Baptismal regeneration” – Baptism (adults only) is simply an external public act for expressing internal repentance, i.e. the repentance for a life of wickedness and intent toward a new life of righteousness.


The error of “Justification” by faith”- In the Biblical, justification is never by “faith.” It is always through faithfulness. It is never justified, but comes only by Yahweh’s mercy.


The error of “original sin”– Biblically, sin occurs by individual choice. Sins or offenses coming from the one person are never passed on to another.


The error of “Holy Communion”– The sacrament of the “lord’s supper” developed by Romanism has become analogous to pagan cannibalism. Such pretend acts are pagan.


The error of a “Second Coming” - A cover-up belief that comes from the misinterpretation of events in the NT due to the fact that the expected rule of Jesus did not come to pass during the First Century.


The errors of “progressive revelation”- Nothing is more dangerous to Biblical truth than the concept of “progressive revelation.” This concept permits any new unverifiable revelation to develop into a new Christian Denomination along with new doctrines.


The error of “a Future Earthly Kingdom” The answer is – The Kingdom of Yahweh/ of heaven is within you! All actions will remain in complete control of Yahweh since He is the Original –originator of that exists, of all that is, and of all that will ever be.


Prayer and praise is only to be given to the Almighty Sovereign Life-force Essence of all that has existed, exists, and will ever exist, the one who is the original-originator of all. His name is Yahweh. 


Deu 6:4  Hear, O Israel: Yahweh our Mighty-One. Yahweh is one. Deu 6:5  You shall love Yahweh your Mighty-One with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might.


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