Summary of Belief

Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade

1. God The Almighty

There is only ONE God Almighty; He is the True Almighty Sovereign Creator Power and the Life-force Essence that has always existed. He is the Creator of all that has been, all that exists, or will ever exist. He is incorporeal (has no physical body) and is solely in control of everything at all times. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, all powerful, and He exists throughout His entire created universe, that has also always existed. Without His Essence life cannot exist. This One God Almighty is also often called the “Holy Spirit” by those that do not know His name. The Almighty’s name in Hebrew is YHWH (transliterated as Yahweh in English). His name means “He-Is, He-exists, or Ever-living.” Yahweh has revealed Himself through the natural sciences by way of His Eternal Creation; through His special revelation by way of the prophets of the Hebrew Bible, and by His created angel beings (the celestial and terrestrial messengers) sent by Him to earth man know as the Heavenly Host. Through the Hebrew Bible, by way of his celestial (angels), terrestrial messengers, and chosen prophets, Yahweh has provided all the necessary instructions to man for righteous living   pleasing to Him. With ancient Biblical Israel He made a Covenant/Contract (the 10 Commandments) that was approved by them, with the promise of blessings and eternal life if kept. That Covenant has also become available to all those that desire to keep it (under the same conditions) and to worship Him as their only Almighty Sovereign.


2. The Bible (Common Collection)

The Hebrew Bible and the Greek Bible contain documents that were written by many authors over many years. However, many of the authors are unknown. The oldest documents that form the present Hebrew and Greek Bibles contain errors of various kinds, some are known by Bible experts. Errors occur through translation, and some errors are revealed by unreliable unverifiable historical events, by faulty scientific claims made because of primitive knowledge. Errors are also found by way of revisions and additions to recent documents when compared to older documents. Yes, some are also deliberate and deceptive changes made to support false theology. It is not possible for the Hebrew Bible as we have it compiled today, to be considered “fully inspired by Yahweh” even if we were to find one that was originally penned.


Also, to complicate the matter somewhat, we must also recognize that the Hebrew Bible as we have it in its present form is sprinkled throughout with plenty of mythology, (myths, legends, and folk-tales). The Hebrew Bible contains books like Esther, (and there are others) that are simply folk-tales, or myths, completely lacking any religious, factual, or historical truth. Many stories were recorded and placed in written form years after they were developed, maybe while the family or friends were warming themselves over a camp fire.  Such actions are not difficult to understand within a primitive society by a people with limited scientific knowledge.   


However, the most important thing to remember is that the Hebrew Bible does record claims of inspiration received from Yahweh to mortal men. These claims are most often found when the documents were written by an anointed prophet and meant for the benefit of Israel. Yahweh thereby also provides within the Hebrew Bible (through His proven and anointed prophets) His final authority including everything necessary for His people to live according to His will and to thereby become members of His eternal household.


The New Testament Roman Catholic Bible composed of their approved 27 New Testament books does not contain any documents where the author makes a claim or a statement of having received direct inspiration from Yahweh. This is unlike the Hebrew Bible where specific claims of inspiration from Yahweh are made in many places. If one has an open mind, and is willing to interpret the Bible according to the evidence and facts, rather than interpreting the evidence and facts according to a belief system, then your theology will adapt and change. What you believed today may not be what you believe tomorrow. Allow your Biblical views and relationship with Yahweh to evolve naturally.


3. Adam - man

The Adamic race was created in the likeness of the Alueim (the created powers), not in the likeness of Yahweh, the Almighty. The likeness of Yahweh is not comprehendible by mortal man. Adamic man was created as male and female, who as husband and wife are designed to perfectly complement each other even though each are distinct and individual spiritual beings. All at the beginning of the earth’s creation was good. Adamic man however was special and received the distinction of having been given the gift of free will, a gift that no other creature or living form on earth had been given. By free will Adamic man has been given the ability to choose to do well and remain obedient to the will and design of His Creator, but has also been given the freedom to choose the desires of individual will, receiving the consequences for the choices.


4. Jesus Christ

The prophet Yahshua (falsely named Jesus Christ) was an anointed First Century Israelite prophet sent to Israel to announce the coming of the “Kingdom of Yahweh/of heaven.” The name “Yahshua” means, Yahweh is Savior. He presented his “First Century Message” only for the seekers of the Israelite people, for them to repent from sin, and to direct their worship back toward Yahweh as their only Almighty Sovereign and Savior. He taught the people to seek Yahweh’s counsel, and to turn away from the instructions of corrupted priests and away from the religious legalistic traditions placed upon them by the Pharisees and religious authorities that had enslaved them. Yahshua throughout his mission used only the Hebrew Bible and the principles in it when he taught the people, his Apostles, and his disciples. While being faithful and true to his mission he insulted and condemned the local priesthood and religious leaders of his day (which like other prophets before him) ultimately resulted in condemnation from them, which eventually lead to his execution. Yahshua’s execution was for his claim of being the “King of Israel.” This was considered the crime of sedition against the authority of Rome at the time, and punishable by death. The death of Yahshua on a Roman cross (stake) was not a sacrifice for anyone’s sin. Human sacrifice is forbidden by Yahweh. Yahweh does not permit an innocent man to die for the sins of another, but each will eventually be judged for their own actions whether they were good or bad.


5. The Gospel/Salvation

The Gospel message (the good news) taught throughout the mission of Yahshua was for the Israelite people to repent, and to seek the Kingdom (Council) of Yahweh, and by doing so return to the principles of living righteously and the proper renewed keeping of the Covenant. Yahshua never claimed to be “God” the son, but believed himself to be a son of Yahweh, as are all those (brothers and sisters that do the will of Yahweh). There are No additional man-made religious beliefs necessary, a new religious system, or new religious doctrines that need to be believed by “faith” to enter the Kingdom (Council) of Yahweh. Eternal life comes through seeking forgiveness from the mercy of Yahweh, asking for His Kingdom (counsel) to rule within you through prayer; by a return to the principles of living found in the Hebrew Bible, and the keeping of the renewed Covenant. When this is done, Yahweh promised to place His law to dwell “within” the repentant believer by His indwelling Spirit. This then is the promised Renewed Covenant that had come, so each can know Yahweh’s will within them, and by doing it forever remain members of His heavenly household. Yahweh becomes their only Almighty Mighty-one, the only one that is worshiped. Salvation (eternal life) does not come by anyone’s physical sacrifice or the action of a third person such as Jesus (Yahshua’s) execution on a Roman cross. According to the New Testament gospel records, Yahshua could forgave sin by simply saying so.


6. The Church/Ecclesia

The Ecclesia or Assembly is the gathering of, or the collection of believers who have been redeemed by the mercy of Yahweh, and are now filled with His Counsel (Renewed Covenant) dwelling within them. They are now the visible members of His physical assembly on earth, willing to submit to the expressed counsel of Yahweh’s well, and to teach others to repent and live likewise. By doing so, they are expressing the Yahweh’s Kingdom (Council) on earth, and their membership in the Household of their heavenly Father.


7. Baptism

Baptism is an ancient religious practice and is a symbolic cleansing of sin (after repentance) and the commitment to accept the counsel of Yahweh, with the return and commitment toward the keeping of Yahweh’s will. It is NOT magic. Baptism is a personal commitment before witnesses to do so, and is an outward expression of one’s faithfulness and commitment in the presence of others.  Can Baptism be done in the “the name of the Father, the son, and the holy spirit, without using a name? No, Baptism is an act done after a public repentance to Yahweh, with a recommitment toward worship and serving Him only.


8. Communion/ the Lord supper

Christianity has developed the ancient Israelite Passover commemorating dinner into a cultic ritual that approximates cannibalism. This is now done to celebrate the death of Yahshua on the cross as a blood sacrifice, a payment for sin in the ancient Temple system. By many, the wine is by magic presumed to become the blood of Christ, and the bread the broken flesh of the body of Christ. This is a complete cultic pagan practice because the eating of (or drinking) of blood as well as a human sacrifice is forbidden by Yahweh. Such pagan practice (even if in a pretend ritual) should be avoided by all members of Yahweh’s household or those seeking to become members of the family of Yahweh.

9. Second coming

There is nothing in the Hebrew Bible or in the Greek Bible that predicts a Second coming, other than the one that came to pass by way of Rome in 70 CE. This was the second coming. It was one “of destruction” as prophesied by Yahshua in Matt. 24, and it was the “end of times” i.e. the end of the Temple system by way of its destruction and the Yahudi priesthood religious system that went away with it. This event became to First Century Israel “the end of the world” (in other words their religious Temple system). Today the kingdom of Yahweh dwells within the members of His family household. Yahweh becomes as a Father to His children, to all those that accept Him, do His will, and desire to keep His Covenant/Contract. They will strive to do His will and live righteously. Yahweh is merciful to those that become His children and will forgive and restore the sincere repentant sinner as a member of His heavenly family.  


10. Sexual Deviation

We believe that the Hebrew Bible sets the standards for sexual relationships and admonitions against specific sexual perversions in detail. - All homosexual activity, promiscuous behavior, promotion of sex deviation, reconditioning, unnatural gender modification, permitting gender choice, imitating the opposite sex, cross dressing and the like; sexual activity outside of the marriage union of one woman and one man are all perversions of Biblical principles. We are not talking here of “birth defects” affecting gender that may require surgical correction. We recognize that such defects, although rare, can exist at birth.


The Danger of Progressive revelation

Nothing is more dangerous to Biblical truth than the concept of “progressive revelation.” This concept permits any new unverifiable revelation claimed by man to develop into a new Religious Organization with their new beliefs and doctrines. Many have developed from the New Testament by the imagination of men, simply because of the many inconsistencies in the New Testament. What this does is develop power to those holding the new revelation since they maintain themselves as the sole authority. Complicated and illogical beliefs always seem to require “church” leaders and “faith” to believe. Such beliefs however, often tend to direct vulnerable persons away from the simple principles in the Hebrew Bible as was inspired by Yahweh to the anointed prophets. The simple truth was taught by Yahshua (Jesus) using only the Hebrew Bible. The New Testament was not compiled into the approved 27 books of the Catholic New Testament as their “Sacred scriptures” until the year 397 at their Synod at Carthage. This is about 367 years after Yahshua (Jesus) walked the sands of Palestine. How did the people learn about salvation without the Catholic New Testament before that?? Answer - They used the same Hebrew Bible that Yahshua used! If you seek truth, pray and ask “Yahweh” to provide it to you, then trust that you will receive it, but only by using His name, not the name of any other.    Aw-min


Micah in the Hebrew Bible says:

Micah 6:6   How shall I come before Yahweh, and bow myself before the exalted Mighty-one? Shall I come before him with burnt offerings, with calves a year old?


Micah 6:7 Will Yahweh be pleased with thousands of rams? With tens of thousands of rivers of oil? Shall I give my firstborn for my disobedience? The fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?


Micah 6:8, He has shown you, O man, what is good. What does Yahweh require of you, but to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your Mighty-one?


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