YHWH [1] the Almighty-one defined


YHWH (Yahweh) the Almighty-one, the Creator, the Father, revealed in the Hebrew Bible. He alone has existed from all eternity past, as all that He has Created also existed. His existence has no beginning or ending. He has no equal either in the Heavens, in the endless Universe or on the habitable Planets, (Isaiah 42:5). He does not share Creation with any other entity neither does He inform any other of His intent, (Isaiah 42:8). He alone possesses omnipotence.  The Eternal Yahweh is the One and only Mighty-one, (Deut. 6:4). There is no other Power but He alone, (Isaiah 44:6). Yahweh our Almighty Sovereign Creator Life-force Essence[2] exists eternally throughout all that is. It is He who possesses all wisdom and is light. It is to Him only we must address ourselves to be consoled in our sorrows, and in our joys, helped by our own works, and who only is to be worshiped and who only deserves our praise.


Whosoever will have recourse and petition Him will not be denied. The secrets of nature are possessed by the Almighty, for the Universe exists in the depth of His Divine expression, by His will and with His desire. When we address ourselves to Him in prayer, using his name (Exo. 3:14-15) we must become as children speaking to a Father. For we know not the past, not the present, not the future; but we know the Almighty is the Master of time.


Yahweh is a Monocracy with nothing higher or above Him. He is Father and Creator of everything, the invisible One who is above everything, whom no eye can see. He is the invisible Life-force Essence that permeates all of His Creation. It is not right to think of Him as you would think of anything physical or an element, or something similar. . . . yet everything exists in Him and for Him. . . . He is not limitable since there was nothing prior to Him to limit Him. . . . He is immeasurable, since there was no one prior to Him to measure Him. . . . He is eternal. . . . He has always existed eternally. . . . there is no way to tell His quantity. . . . because He is not contained in time. . . . He is a Life-force Essence, because only through and because of Him can any life exist. He is a blessed-giving blessed One. He is a wisdom-giving wisdom One. He is a salvation-giving Life Giver. He is motionless, and He resides in calm and silence, but at all times is everywhere throughout His Universe. . . . He directs His desires into His flow of light and life. He is the Source and flow of Light. Yahweh utilizes His Creation and His appointed beings (and His heavenly Host[3]) to communicate throughout His Creation, and to fight for righteousness, as He desires . . . . He is the Original Originator of Life and of all that exists.


Christianity has left Biblical monotheism over 1,800 years ago, and has almost forgotten Yahweh-the-Father, though He and the path to Him were the primary purpose of Yahshua’s (aka Jesus’) preaching to the First Century Israelites in the Greek New Testament (NT). Even the name Yahshua means ‘Yahweh is Savior’. Because Yahweh is mostly forgotten, the ontological,[4] epistemological,[5] and methodological[6] views of Christianity have over time become a baseless religious system of belief. Christianity has developed an anthropomorphic[7] concept of God-the-Father, which is typical of paganism. It is illustrated in the icon of the Trinity concept, where God-the-Father is often depicted or thought of as some old man sitting on some cloud. And at the right of Him — O’ yes, there sits Jesus! If the Holy Spirit is seated somewhere no one knows. This pagan notion is even accepted in the Orthodox Christian Creeds: the Apostles Creed; the Nicene Creed; and the Athanasian Creed. They all say: ‘I believe... (in) the Lord Jesus Christ. . . . sitteth at (some say on) the right hand of the Father. . . . .’ But the truth is, the Father Creator, the Ever-living (Yahweh) is not an old man suspended some place in the heavens. He is the Primordial[8] Consciousness, immeasurable in vastness, He is Incorporeal filling the whole unlimited Eternal Universal Space as His abode, He is not anthropomorphic at all. Yes, He really is infinite. How can anyone sit at the right of the Infinite?

[1]  https://aoycascade.com/Documents/Yahweh-yhwh.html

[2] The intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to characterize or identify something.

[3] Yashus 5:13-15.

[4] The branch of metaphysics that deals with the notion of being.

[5] The branch of philosophy that studies the nature of knowledge, its presuppositions and foundations, and its extent and validity.

[6] A body of practices, procedures, and rules that are used by those who work or engage in an inquiry; the study or theoretical analysis of such working methods.

[7] Attribution of human motivation, characteristics, or behavior to inanimate objects, animals, or to a natural phenomena.

[8] Being or happening first in sequence of time; original, belonging to or characteristic of the earliest stage of development of an organism or a part, (a basic principle).


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