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These are some of our favorite links. This does NOT mean that we are in full or complete agreement with all the information you may find on these sites, we are not in full agreement. However, we do feel these sites are worth a visit. If you are offended, then please leave! - A.O.Y.,Cascade.
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501-C 3 Churches A "Church" is "Under Yahweh" or under the "State."

Bible Colleges Taking your faith to a higher level of understanding may benefit from the studies available at on-line Bible Colleges and Universities. The studies from these on-line courses may not only increase your Scriptural knowledge, but may also open doors to a Scriptural based career.

Peshitta Aramaic - English New Testament The New Testament from Aramaic.

"God's" Covenant People A complete book on The identity of True Israel.

Is Israel still lost? Discover who, and where, "True Israel" is today.

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion The objective of Jews is World control.

What the Hell is Hell? Learn about what the Scripture teaches about Hell.

Concordant Publishing A link to "The Concordant Literal" Bible translation.

Institute for Scriptural Research A link to "The Scriptures" Bible translation.

The Everlasting Good News of YAHWEH
Lots of information to study and use.

Bible Law Index Learn about Scriptural Laws, their use applicable today.

The Talk Origins Archive A young earth?, or endless times of Creation. A resource for alternate Biblical opinions and information.

Development of the NT Canon
A study on how the NT Canon was developed


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