The Eternal Yahweh our Mighty-one is one Yahweh, (Deut. 6:4). There is no other
Power but He alone, (Isaiah 44:6). Yahweh does not share creation with
any other power, neither does He inform any other of His intent.

The Creator does not share His power
or glory with any other being,
Isaiah 42:8.

Yahweh (YHWH) name of the "Almighty-one"
Yahweh (
YHWH) aka the Almighty-one, the Creator, is falsely called "LORD" in many English Bible translations. YHWH (Yahweh) is the Almighty Sovereign "God" revealed in the Hebrew Bible; His name YHWH means; "He-Is, He-Exists, or Ever-living." He has existed from all eternity past along with all that He has Created, including His created heavenly host, the celestial beings (aka angels). His existence had no beginning and has no ending. He has no equal either in the Heavens, in the vast and endless Universe, or on any of the habitable Planets, (Isaiah 42:5). The Creator does not share His power or glory with any other entities or with His Creation. Yahweh alone possesses omnipotence, not Yahshua (Jesus) and not any one of His created beings, (Isaiah 42:8).

The Eternal Yahweh our Mighty-one is ONE Yahweh, (Deut. 6:4). There is no other Power but He alone, (Isaiah 44:6). He does not inform any other being of His intent. Yahweh, our Almighty Sovereign Creator Life-force Essence exists eternally throughout all that is. It is He who possesses all wisdom and light. It is to Him only we must address ourselves, to be consoled in our sorrows, and in our joys, and He only is to be worshipped and He only deserves our praise. Whosoever desires to petition Him by prayer will not be denied. The secrets of nature and the sciences are possessed by Him, for as the Creator, the Universe exists in the depth of His Divine expression (the Logos), and all is by His will and according to His desire. When we address ourselves to Him in prayer, we must become like children speaking to a Father. For we do not know the past, the present, or the future, but we believe that the Almighty is the Master of time.

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The Flag (Ensign) of True Israel
click here, free to copy) This flag represents the 12 tribes of Dispersed True
Israel. The dark blue background of the Flag represents the borderless and endless Universal domain of The Almighty Sovereign Creator Power Yahweh. The 12 Stars (3 on each red bar) are for the 12 original tribes. The red cross bars represent the 4 Brigades of the dominant tribes of Yahudah, Dan, Ephraim and Reuben, Num. 2:1-31. Each Brigade is pointing to the common blue center. The center of the Flag is in the shape of a (+) and is the ancient Hebrew sign for a mark, or a signature of agreement between Yahweh and His people. It does not represent the Christian "cross" or letter (T) "taw". True Israel is a "set-apart" people eternally marked by the Almighty Sovereign Creator of all that exists, a chosen people that have a Covenant/Contract relationship with the Almighty Sovereign Creator of all, Deut. 5:32-33.

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