The Bible was written by men, some of them were inspired by Yahweh, but others not. Some
stories and events in the Bible are not real, and some violate Yahweh's created science.
Some are 'folk-tales' - interesting, but not based on any logic or reason.

The documents here were compiled over 30 years, (they are not listed by subject matter).
They are free for private use, please give credit to the author(s).

Yahweh tells us that we are not to have
any other mighty-ones before Him,
Deut 5:7 ;Psalm 96: 4.

Many of the following documents were authored by AOYcascade. Those authored by others have been credited to the author when known, these documents are presented for research information.
Yahwism or Israelism are two similar religious terms
that define the original Biblical belief of monotheism.

Yahwists - Israelists believe that the Bible teaches
that the Almighty Sovereign
Yahweh is the only Saviour

It is very importand to know these historical approximate
Dates of the Hebrew and Greek Bible books

The AOY Statement of Belief is not found in
Christian Churches, but it is the most Biblical.

Yahwism vs Christianity. The difference between
Biblical Yahwism and Roman Christianity is significant.

The word 'God' is a very generic term: however,
The 'Biblical Almighty' is named 'Yahweh' This is very specific.

The God (Almighty Sovereign) defined in the Hebrew Bible is
not the same as
The God fabricated by Christianity
Jesus was called a Son of God in the New Testament.

Does that make Jesus equal with God (the Almighty Sovereign)?

The opinions written to his Churches by the Pharisee Paul/Saul
has become known as
Pauline Christianity.

There are many Problems with the opinions of Paul/Saul
- on a few occasions he has some things right.

Paul/Saul teaches beliefs that counter those of Jesus;
he never met Jesus, he is
Paul/Saul the false Apostle.

A question for you, after you have learned that Paul/Saul
is a false Apostle, who would you
Believe Yahshua or Paul?.

You have been told, that everything written in the Bible
is true, but the fact is
Not all in the Bible is inspired.

The fact is, the Bible was written by men and not all were
inspired. Some traditions like
Christmas is pagan.

To keep us from believing prophesy NOT taught in the Bible,
we must prove them all, and we must
Test all the prophets.

Christians are told Yahshua (Jesus) was a sacrifice to God for sin,
but the Biblical Almighty says
Human sacrifice is forbidden

What was that ancient Bible sacrifice system all about? Simply said,
it was an ancient 'payment system' -
Sacrifices explained.

Did Yahweh really tell Abraham to sacrifice Isaac to test him? NO.
He prevented it. Read:
Who told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?

Here is a document that is part of Our AOY Statement of Belief, and
it is all about
Redemption-Deliverance and eternal life.

The important phrase
Kingdom of God is used some 70 times in the NT
and 'of heaven' 32 times. It was Yahshua's primary mission.

Christians have been told that Yahweh made an ancient Agreement -
Covenant - contract with ancient Israel, but it is not for them.

Christians have been told that there is now a New Covenant -
Contract for them, is that true? NO.
The Covenant is not New - it is renewed.

Christians are told faith in Jesus' death and resurrection is the requirement
one must have to be saved. The Bible however says its

Christians are told that Jesus is coming again to be
a ruler over the earth, but
Is Jesus in prophesy? No.

Yahshua (Jesus) was asked by his Apostles to teach
How to pray.

Here is how to compare the
Old Testament vs the New.

In this document we offer
Helps to study the Bible

Yahshua was a son of Yahweh; we, like him, can become
brother or sister by also doing the Father's will.

Here is a comparison of

The (god-man) named Jesus
The myth of the virgin birth.

The biggest false teaching found in Christianity is
the Trinity. The Bible teaches
Jesus is NOT God the Son.

The New Testament Cannon (beliefs) developed.

From the New Testament - How Yahshua evolved into 'Jesus'

The only
Bible that Yahshua (Jesus) used.

Suggestions about
The best Bible translations to use

Christians have been led to believe the 'End times'
(after some 2,000 years) are near. True? No, it is a result of many
End-time prophesy mistakes.

Another deceptive belief developed from the
want-to-be false Apostle Paul/Saul is the
'The Left Behind deception.'

Marcion, Roman Catholics and others
developed False Christian beliefs called
The misunderstood Bible

Was there really a War in heaven? No way, it never happened!

Learn about The Assembly vs the Church

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