Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade

Assembly of True Israel, teaching Renewed-Covenant Yahwism (Israelism).
Jesus came to preach "the Kingdom of Heaven" to the Lost sheep of the House of Israel.

Like Jesus, we use the Hebrew Bible as the foundation for our belief.
We use the Synoptic Gospels to learn what Jesus and his Apostles taught,
according to the letter to the 12 tribes written by his brother James.

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As for our Redeemer, Yahweh of hosts is His
name, the Holy One of Israel.
Isa. 47:4
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Here you will discover the proper personal Divine Name of YHWH (Yahweh) the One Almighty Sovereign Creator Power and Life-Force Essence (aka God) of all that was, is, and will ever exist. That Yahweh is the Original-Originator of the endless eternal Universe as was revealed to the ancient Hebrew prophets. Learn the nature of Yahweh, and of His Essence (aka Holy Spirit). Learn what the Hebrew Bible really teaches about sin, redeemption, and forgiveness, yet, all without the need for the human sacrifice of anyone. Learn about the Covenant Yahweh made with Abraham, Isaac, and with Jacob-Israel and the Assembly of True Israel; that this Covenant now also passes to those who become part of Yahweh's family by keeping the same Covenant; learn about the Assembly of True Israel, and their responsibility among the nations and with the other races on the Globe.

Our Mission Statement
To restore the original belief and the teaching of Yahwism (aka Israelism) as is found only in the Hebrew Bible (the Tan'akh). Biblical Yahwism was taught by the anointed prophet Yahshua (Jesus), and by all his chosen Apostles. We reveal corrupt Christian doctrines like the Trinity, and the false need for the Pagan Sacrifice of "Jesus" using the ancient Hebrew language of the Bible and Konie Greek. We apply correct culture, exegesis, proper etymology and accurate English definitions. Through Yahweh's life-Force Essence this path will bring True Israelites and the stranger(s) that join with the Assembly of True Israel, to a complete understanding of His inspired revelation revealed through the writings of the prophets, and bring believers into fellowship as members of the Household of Yahweh, and eternal life. Our Summary Statement of Belief will not be found in, or taught by any modern Christian Denomination or Church because we will only stand on the solid foundation found only in the Hebrew Bible and those teachings supported by the prophet Yahshua (Jesus). We do not rely upon traditions, opinions, or Christian Doctrines as true unless they are in harmony with the Tan'akh (the instruction guide found in the Bible Yahshua used), Deut. 4:2. ).
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