Israelism / Yahwism

Israelism is distinct from the polytheism of pagan nations and is NOT Judaism, or Christianity.
The name Yahwism comes from YHWH (Hebrew) English (Yahweh) the name of the Almighty
that He gave to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel and Moses (Exodus 3:15-16).

As for our Redeemer, Yahweh of hosts is His
name, the Holy One of Israel.
Isa. 47:4

Yahweh's Renewed Covenant
It is by accepting and keeping the 10 Commandments (the Covenant Yahweh made with Biblical Israel) that converts a "genetic" Israelite or a stranger a (non-genetic Israelite) into a "True" redeemed Israelite and a member of Yahweh's eternal everlasting household. Yahwism is the original monotheism belief held by the 12 tribes of Ancient Biblical Israel. This belief was also held by the prophet Yahshua (Jesus), and by all of his chosen Disciples. Their belief was not Christianity or Judaism (Phariseeism). Disobedience to the Covenant (contract) keeps one an outcast, which may result in the consequences made under the Covenant. The outcast condition remains until there is a sincere repentance before Yahweh, His acceptance and a return by the violator toward a renewed keeping of the Covenant. A Coat of Arms or Ensign for each individual Ancient Israelite Tribe (Num. 2:1-2) developed following the blessings of Jacob/Israel as he prophesied over each of his 12 sons before he died. Various objects, animals, or a son's characteristics were represented as symbols or Ensigns, Gen. 4+. (
Click here to view samples of Ensigns/Heraldry of the tribes).

Similar symbols can be used today to locate the present original descendants of the Ancient True Israelites now scattered over the entire globe and innumerable. The tribes of True Israel are still considered lost, a result of the first dispersion into ancient Assyria 721 BCE (ending the Northern Kingdom) and the second dispersion into ancient Babylonia-Persia 587 BCE (ending the Southern Kingdom). But the truth is, the whereabouts of the Ancient Israelite descendants have never been completely lost because their Coat of Arms or Ensigns have remained with the many dispersed Israelite families. The Ancient symbols are still found using the Ensigns of many Governments of the Caucasian Adamic Nations of Western Europe, America, and countries founded by the many descendants of the Ancient Biblical Israelites. All of this was promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob renamed Israel. Many dispersed Israelites dwelling in Europe were forced into believing Constantine's Roman-developed Christianity beginning in 325 AD, under threat of death, many today by their ignorance, still remain Christian. The promise to Abraham by Yahweh that his seed would be innumerable, and as the dust on the earth, is indicative as to the mass of people this truly is. The 14+/- million Jews in the world today (7 million+/- of them in the State called Israel) hardly number the amount of people chosen by Yahweh, and could never neet the definition in the Bible to be the True Israelite family of Yahweh.

The Biblical 'God' Yahweh Explained
Yahweh (YHWH) is a Monocracy, as there is nothing higher or above Him. He is Father-Creator of everything, and the invisible One who is above everything, who dwells in pure light, who no eye can see. He is the Life-force Essence that permeates throughout all of His Creation, the Universe. We cannot think of Him as you would think of something physical, like an element, or anything similar, yet everything exists in Him and for Him. He is not limitable since there was nothing prior to Him to limit Him. He is immeasurable, since there was no one prior to Him to measure Him. He is eternal, because He has always existed eternally. There is no way to tell His quantity because He is not contained in time. He is a Life-force Essence because only through Him can any life exist. He is a blessed-giving blessed One. He is a wisdom-giving wisdom One. He is a salvation-giving Life Giver. He is motionless and He resides in calm and silence, but at all times is everywhere. He utilizes His Creation and His appointed created beings (His heavenly host) to communicate with His Creation. He is the Original-Originator of all Life.

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