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There are a lot of pieces of sand on this small section of ocean
beach. Yahweh says that he will multiply the seed (descendants)
of Abraham as the sand upon the sea shore;
Gen 22: 17
The angel speaking for Yahweh to Abraham, continues: "And in your seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed, because you have obeyed my voice." Gen 22: 18. The question for understanding this passage, is to determine if these statements are intended to be real or figurative. The simple meaning may be - that Abraham will have an innumerable number of descendants, and that all the nations on the earth are
to be blessed through him. So, think a bit, who are ALL THOSE NATIONS?

There is a lot of misunderstanding when people read the Bible. Many tend to believe what they were told as children, but when older some desire to seek the truth, this page is for those seeking the real truth.
Christians have been told they must have faith and believe in the fundamental doctrines of Christianity in order to be saved. This would include difficult and unreasonable claims, including the virgin birth of Jesus, the pre-existence of Jesus as the eternal son of a trinity God. They must also believe that this God required the death of His son God as a human sacrifice, to be killed in their place as a sacrifice to please the Father God so that He would be willing to forgive the sins of those that seek His forgiveness, and believe it (by faith) to be true. They must be willing to believe that the son God Jesus was risen from his death by the Father God, and is now seated on the right hand of the Father God, (who, by the way has no physical body) to judge the living and the dead; and because of all this, the son God is able to send the Spirit God (who has no name) to dwell among the believers. Christians believe that some day, the son God will come back physically to rule over the earth as King. This must be believed; however, their trinity God, (the three persons of it), are not three Gods, but them to be ONE God.

It is AOYcascade's studied belief, that the trinity god is false, and other Christian Doctrines are a false. Understanding what the true and the true Biblical "God" is all about is critical. That includes what the Bible actually teaches; what He, the true Almighty Creator delivered through his messengers the anointed Hebrew Prophets, that they, and the celestial messengers (the angels) then delivered to earthly man to instruct them in righteous living, and how to dwell in accordance with the Creator's will. False Biblical ideas develope from traditions, from poor and/or deceptive Bible translations, and from ignoring ancient culture, scientific knowledge, reason, and simple logic. We trust the following information will help those seeking Biblical truth and provide a new view of the Bible, free from the complicated additions and traditions developed by men. Although provided for review and study, we do not always agree with everything presented by the author(s) of the following documentation(s), or links.
Some of the following documents will require hard core "truth seekers" to review and study - be warned!

Christians have been told, that Jesus is "God the son"
but that is not taught anywhere in the Bible.
Is Jesus God?
NO, Yahshua (Jesus) was a son of Yahweh, there are many.

The "NAR" movement (New Apostolic Reformation)
is a dangerous fraud . . . now being perpetrated upon gullible Christians
by Pastors and Churches just to keep their Churches filled; they
are told things that are not supported anywhere in the Bible.

Is the holy spirit a third person of the Christian Godhead?
No, the
Holy Spirit is not a person. The Greek word translated
"pneuma" means wind, breath, blow - translated "spirit" in English.
Can wind be a person or have gender? No.

Yahweh and satan explained.

Yahweh and "god" explained

All about the Bible's bad guys? What or who they are
devils, demons, and a Satan?

Who or what were the
Nephilim of Gen. 6:1-4
were they fallen sons of God? No, read the Document.

Who was King of Tyre? Some say he was a fallen angel,
is that true? No, it is false. He was a ruler who had gotten
too arrogant, thinking himself to be like a god.

The Book of
Esther is a Hebrew folk-tale, there are others in the Bible
as well. They tell a story, have a point, have meaning to the ancients,
(especially to children) but did not happen as a fact.

Christians are often told, that because of the Sacrifice of Jesus
they have been delivered from being obedient to the law. They have been
told the Hebrew word "Torah" means Law, No!
Torah is NOT Law
The following documents mostly refer to Jews, or those calling themselves Jews, the religion of Judaism, and Jewish beliefs. Understanding Jews, who they are, are not, or what they believe is very important since many have been told that Jews are God's chosen people; that Bible prophesy involves them, that we should support them, but is this true? Are Jews even Israelites? Read the following, find your answer.

A phrase often used by Jews, to claim "racism" is
Anti-semitism, so what is that anyway.
Anti-semitism explained

For the claim of "anti-semitism to be true, it stands to reason
that the person must be a Semite, so, what is, or
who are Semites

Jews are often referred to as the "Chosen people." But the Bible
says that the Israelites were. So,
Jews are not the chosen people.

That can also be proven today by genealogy. modern testing
has shown that
Jews are genetically European.

To see how the Jews have adulterated themselves, go to this
The Jewish religion and its influence

Friends of the Jewish State are "enemies inside the gate"
watch this
Youtube video

Find out how to understand and recognize the differences
Jews, Yahudi and true Israelites.

Here is another group a true seeker needs to know about
and explained:
Ishmael, Edom, Israel.

The word "diaspora" how its used and misused
The real diaspora explained

See the difference between these groups.
IsraelitesvsJews. They are not the same people.

When swimming against the socially accepted stream,
know the definition of
Race, Racism, Racist, or Racialist
Miscellaneous information and a few links to valuable informative websites

If your Church is registered by the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 Tax
Exempt Corporation, your
Pastor is a government agent.
All your rights and religious freedoms granted by the
First Amendment of the US Constitution are gone.

The word "person" has many legal definitions many of
of them are not at all favorable.
Are you really a person?
Stated another way, why would you want to be a person?

An open letter to "" by AOY Cascade making
corrections to just one of their faulty documents.

The only way to fix the mess, fighting, and war in the Middle East between
the imposter State falsely called Israel, and the Palestinian people,
(many of whom could likely be descendants of the ancient Israelite),
is to
Divide Palestine into two equal States

Miscellaneous information and a few links to valuable informative for study websites

Great Youtube videos to watch by the late Anthony Larson

The extensive topical library of
Arnold Kennedy

Link to Public Action, Inc. (excellent)

Interesting and informative perspectives found on the
religious academic-papers at
James Tabor's Blog
Also see James Tabor's excellent religious
Youtube Videos

Important News Items all over the media - Our comments on some of them

The so-called Critical Race Theory is in the news - We think it is becoming more like a fact, for without the moral input and intellect of the "Critical White (Caucasian) Race" there may never again be a "Civilized Country" or a people with the God given blessing of "leadership" left on the planet. DEFINITION: The White Caucasian race is the most Critical Race to maintain some sort of moral Global stability as it has been. There are however a few "individual exceptions" . . . . . . Like the Joe Biden types.

Another word(s) often heard in the news today is "Woke-Wokeism" basically they are slang words primarily used by some African Americans that have not learned to properly speak English, i.e to be woke. DEFINITION: A word that would represent the English word "awake" or phrase "to be awake" as in "to be aware of" or "informed about."


Shalom: A Hebrew word that is usually translated as "peace," but it literally means "to be whole and complete." It is derived from a root meaning to "be whole." When you say "shalom" to another, you are not just asking that there not be any strife in that person's life, you are asking if they have everything needed to be whole and complete.

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