Who am I?


                  My name is John-William. I manage/own the “Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade, website” aka AOYcascade.com, and the OnlySavior.com website. I am an American, and a Yahwist by being a believer of the Ancient Israelite belief called Yahwism, (aka Israelism). I am the author of many of the documents available on the websites, but others have also contributed. We name the author(s) of a document when we know the author(s), but we may not always agree with everything written in the documents presented by others.


I am 77 years old and from early Childhood I was thoroughly indoctrinated into a traditional form of Christianity that (I now believe) is corrupt, called “Calvinism.” Five years prior to my retirement in 2000, I was able to participate in an extensive bi-weekly study in Konie Biblical Greek for about a year, done under the instructions of a retired NT Greek Bible language College professor that 6 of us men hired. The extensive study of the Biblical Greek language forced me to change most of my traditional early childhood Christian beliefs. I made a decision during my study that the original Greek and Hebrew language from then on would determine my Doctrine.  I had no clue that most of my Christian beliefs would succumb and fall into oblivion when the original Bible languages began to rule over, and then supersede translations, and traditional beliefs (or rather forced faith). The first to go was the “Trinity” doctrine; Jesus (Yahshua) is not God the son. He is (a) son of God (he called himself the son of man). We can all become sons and daughters of God (according to Yahshua) by being faithful to the will of Yahweh the Father, (Matt. 12: 50). The Holy Spirit is not a person; Holy Spirit is the Divine Force and Essence of the Father who is non-physical. It is the “Life-Force Essence” of the Creator Father that comes to dwell in all those that accept Him. Human sacrifice for sin is the second traditional belief to go. Yahweh (God) of the Hebrew Bible does not need or want the sacrifice of dead animals, food or human sacrifices, and in fact, forbids it, Jer. 7:31.


As a retired Architect, I am analytical in what I do and what I believe. What I present on our websites is the result of over 30+ years of comparative studies in the Hebrew and Greek language of the Bible. Due to the many Doctrinal errors discovered in the modern traditions of Christianity I (we) will not fit into what has become tradition “over” fact faith. We stand only on Biblical fact (where we believe they exist) like in the natural sciences, but are always willing to change if proven incorrect through proper exegesis of either the Hebrew or the Greek language.  May Yahweh bless your search of what is presented here and on our websites and enlighten your way. The simple message of the Bible that Yahshua also used will set you free from the Christian “traditions” developed by men. What is the simple message of belief according to the only Bible that Yahshua used? See, read Micah 6: 6-8.



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