Who am I?


My name is John-William Mxxxxxxxr, Bishop of the Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade, a non-profit Family Religious Society (Trust). I am the current sole Bishop/trustee of the Society. I developed and manage AOYcascade.com and TrueIsraelism.com websites. My ongoing search for Biblical truth has led me to accept and believe in the one most important Biblical revelation of all, and that is the belief in one Almighty Sovereign Creator, that there is NO trinity god. The Ancient Hebrew/Israelite Bible has revealed that this one and only Almighty Sovereign Creator named Himself  YHWH (Yahweh). This is the origin and beginning of the Hebrew Bible belief known as Yahwism (Israelism). It is the belief that was also held by the prophet Yahshua (Jesus) as was written about him in the Greek ‘New testament’ (NT) writings. However, over the last 35+ years I have come to believe that much of the Christianity that I was taught to believe throughout my prior 44 years was not supported by the Bible at all but most developed from manmade conjecture and opinions. Because I have shifted away from these false Christian doctrines, some may now label me as a non-Christian. However, I am still a believer in the anointed (Christ) of the NT named Yahshua (aka Jesus), and that he was a son of Yahweh (as we can all become) but he was never ‘Yahweh the son’. I am the author of most of the Biblically supported documents available on the above noted websites. However, other authors have also contributed some of the documents found posted on the websites, and the author(s) are named when I know who they are.  I may not always agree with everything written by or authored by others authors posted on my sites, but believe they all have valuable information for the seekers of Biblical truth.


From early Childhood I was thoroughly indoctrinated into a very traditional form of Christianity called Calvinism. Five years prior to my retirement as an Architect in 2000, I was blessed to participate in an extensive bi-weekly study of Biblical Konie Greek. For about a year, six men (from our home Church at that time) hired a retired College NT Greek Bible language professor to teach us Biblical Greek. The extensive study of the actual Greek language of the Bible that followed later with subsequent comparable studies in Biblical Hebrew forced me to change many of my traditional early childhood Christian doctrinal beliefs. These changes are all based using the actual Greek or Hebrew words found in the Bible and then by substituting a correct English translation for those words. I made a decision during my early studies that the Greek and the Hebrew language of the Bible, as we have them available, would from then on determine my doctrine and beliefs.  I did not realize at that time, that many of my Christian beliefs would succumb and fall into oblivion when the original Bible meanings began to rule over and supersede many poor English ‘translated words’ as well as the subsequent beliefs formed by those deceptive or poorly translated English words found in the basic doctrines of Christianity.


I am quite analytical in what I do, how I act, and what I believe. What I present on our websites is the collective result of over 45+ years of ongoing comparative studies in the Hebrew and Greek language of the Bible. Due to the many Doctrinal errors discovered in modern English Translations I (we) will not fit into what has become tradition ‘over’ fact based Bible beliefs. Biblical History, the natural sciences, customs, culture and just plain logic and common sense must also play a significant part to correctly understand the principles and true meanings found in the Bible. We stand only on Biblical truth (where we believe they most likely exist) or upon reasonable suppositions where necessary. I/We are always willing to change if proven incorrect through proper exegesis of either the Hebrew or the Greek language translations of the Bible in English, or if proven incorrect by science. May Yahweh bless your search of what is presented on our websites and enlighten your way and life should you choose to read the information presented. The simple message of the same Bible that Yahshua (the First Century Prophet) also used can set you free from false Christian ‘traditions’ and beliefs developed by men. The truth presented throughout the Bible is not complicated, and is actually very simple. An example of that simple message, according to the only Bible that Yahshua used, can be found in Micah 6: 6-8.  JWM



Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade, Mount Vernon, WA