YHWH (Yahweh) and god/God, are they the same?

The word ‘god’ defined

Ask most Christians to define the word "god" and most will tell you that it is the “name” of the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. Some would also reply to you that this name also refers to Jesus, who they refer to as the “son of God.” Some Christians would say that both the Almighty Father Creator and the Son of the Father Creator named Yahshua (Jesus) are both God. One problem with this is that the Bible talks about many “sons” of God. Even Yahshua says that all that do the will of the Father are his brothers and sisters, thereby he is saying they are also sons of the “Father” like he is, (Matt. 12:50). Ask a Muslim or most any other man or woman of a different religion from Christianity, and they will reply in a similar manner, except that most would exclude Yahshua from the title of god. Is this entity, the one given the name “God” by those of other religions, the same entity among the many people that use the title “God” always the same being regardless of one's race, or religion? Of course not. The word “God” is a very poor word to use for a title of the Almighty Sovereign Creator of all that exists.

All those whose religion is Islam (Arabs and others) make their prayer and petitions to an entity they would also call god, but whose name they say is Allah, The same word god is also often used by Christians. So who or what entity do they refer to when they use the word god?

YHWH (Yahweh) is the Hebrew Bible’s personal name for the Creator.

The word god has become a modern English neutral name for a Deity, but the word “god” however, is never used in the Hebrew Bible. In English Bibles the word god is often translating the Hebrew “Alueim” Al (or al), or “Aloah” (singular). The word Alueim in Hebrew means “mighty-one(s) or powers). Does the word god when used in English Bibles always refer to Yahweh? Well maybe, but then, maybe not. You will need to decide for yourself. One thing we know to be true is that the Modern English word “god” comes from the ancient Canaanite word GAWD, which has the exact same pronunciation as the English word god.

Gawd is the name of a Syrian or Canaanite deity of good luck or fortune.

In Hebrew, Gwad is written GD, but with Massoretic vowel-pointing, it is "Gad." Other Scriptural references to a similar deity, is also written as GD, have a different Massoretic vowel-pointing giving us the word "gawd" or "god." However, Gad is identified with Jupiter, the Sky-deity or the Sun-deity.

The word god should be written as “god” (with a small g) since it is not a proper name.

Like the Hebrew word “alueim” the Greek word “theos” translates into the English word "god” also with the meaning of "mighty one" or "powerful one." Like the Hebrew word “alueim” the word “theos” can also be applicable to terrestrial and celestial beings. In many English Bibles, the word LORD is a substitute for the Hebrew proper name of YHWH the proper name for the Almighty Sovereign Creator of the Hebrew Bible. This name is transliterated into English as Yahweh or as Yahuweh pronounced as YaHWeH. See our document YHWH.


God, according to Encyclopedia Britannica -

God is the common Teutonic word for any personal object or entity of religious worship, applied to all the superhuman beings of the heathen mythologies. The word "god" on the conversion of the Teutonic races to Christianity was adopted as the name of the One Supreme Being.

 Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics and Webster’s Twentieth Century Dictionary, Unabridged agrees that the origin is Teutonic paganism.

In Indo-Germanic dictionaries, only one word resembles "god."

 It is ghodh and is pronounced the same as the English word god. This word means union, also sexual union or mating. According to Luneburger Wörterbuch - The following are the same words: Gott, got, gode, gade, god and guth (gud). True Bible Believers should never use the word 'god' when referring to Yahweh.

The Ancient Canaanite idol that was named god (Gawd) is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible in Isaiah 65:11&12.

11. "You are those who forsake Yahweh (the Biblical Hebrew Creator) who forget My special mountain, who prepare a table for Gawd (god the Canaanite idol), and who furnish a drink offering for MENI (god’s wife),

12.  therefore, I will count you for the sword and you will all bow down for the slaughter because when I called, you did not answer, when I spoke, you did not hear, but you did evil in My sight, and chose that which displeases Me.”

IF the Hebrew Bible is 100% accurate - god and Yahweh cannot NOT be the same, (according to this Hebrew text) - And “god” worshippers are condemned by the Creator named YHWH (Yahweh).

If you understand these facts, and you claim to believe and perfectly obey the Bible, but yet lay claim to worship the deity called “god” then you would be a hypocrite.

IF, however, the Bible is simply the writings of men, and the name Yahweh is simply the Hebrew concept of the Creator, then god is simply an Ancient Canaanite god as the Modern English counterpart concept of the Creator.

Only YOU can decide whether or not "Yahweh" and "god" are the same, and both to be worshiped.


How can you say that "god" is NOT the name of the Creator according to the Scriptures? Does not my KJV Bible say that "God" is the Creator, and never mentions the name "mighty-ones," (Gen.1:1).

Also, Isaiah 65:11 in my Bible speaks of the LORD as the Creator, and the Canaanite idol is named "Gad" (or "god)."


It is true that most English Bibles like the KJV refer to the Creator as "the LORD" and "god" rather than "Yahweh" or “mighty-ones(s).” It is also true that most English Bibles do not give "god" as the name of the Canaanite idol in ISAIAH 65:11. It uses "that Troop" or "Fortune" or "Gad" etc.

First of all, the Bible was originally written using Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, NOT English. English is only a translation, and translations are subject to error, and to the erroneous opinions of the translators, or their preconceived ideologies. Important names, like that of the Almighty Sovereign Creator and life-Force Essence of all that exists, should never be substituted using replacement words “LORD or god.”

Quite frankly, it is VERY EASY to prove that the name of the Creator. According to the Hebrew Bible it is YHWH (Yahweh). It is SO EASY and there are SO MANY REFERENCES to verify this that we will simply ask you to do a little research work to look up the name YHWH (Yahweh) in any good Bible encyclopedia and see for yourself who has this name.

However, proving that Yahweh and god are two DIFFERENT beings, according to the Bible is somewhat more difficult, because  most English Bibles call the Creator "god" or LORD and not "Yahweh."

Let us follow this simple line of reasoning

1) In the Hebrew Biblical the Creator is named "YHWH (Yahweh)" (easy to prove).

2) Yahweh is often called "the LORD" in many English Bibles, but Yahweh is NEVER referred to by a Hebrew word that is pronounced "god" (Gawd) in the Hebrew text. The most common Hebrew title that is translated as "god" is the Hebrew word "Alueim." Many might say that even though this Hebrew word "Alueim" is not PRONOUNCED "god", it really MEANS "god." It is true that in our MODERN ENGLISH, the  word "god" has adopted much the same meaning as the Hebrew word "Alueim" however, the point is that "god" and "Yahweh" are two different beings ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE. And, all will admit that the Old Testament was written in Hebrew/Aramaic.

Even though we can agree that "Alueim" is usually translated as "god/God" we can also say that this is NOT the CORRECT way to translate the HEBREW word "Alueim." It should be "mighty one(s)” or power(s).” The reason is – that the Hebrew word “alueim” is often used for others that have Power, or have been given authority, but are not in any way equal to the Almighty Creator Yahweh. There are times in the Hebrew Bible, that the Hebrew word “alueim” is used along with the name YHWH, such as “LORD god.” This combination should always be rendered as “Yahweh mighty-one.”

3) If you learn the Hebrew alphabet, and the sounds of the Hebrew letters (it’s really not hard to do), you can look up Isaiah 65:11 in any Hebrew Interlinear, or simply look up the name of the Canaanite idol "Troop" in the King James Bible and you will see that this name "Gawd" is pronounced "god."


According to the Scriptures, (YHWH) Yahweh & and god are NOT the same beings. god is an idol, (any object of worship), but Yahweh is the proper name of the Almighty Sovereign Creator of all that exists.


Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade