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Discover the proper Biblical Divine Name YHWH (Yahweh) of the Almighty Creator, who is the One Almighty Sovereign Creator Power and Life-Force Essence (aka G-d) of all that was, is, and will ever be. Yahweh is the true name of the Original-Originator of the endless eternal Universe as was revealed to the ancient Hebrew prophets. We teach the nature of Yahweh, and of His Essence (aka Holy Spirit) as revealed in the Hebrew Bible. Learn what the Hebrew Bible really says about sin, redemption, and forgiveness, yet, all is available without the need for any human or other sacrifices. Learn about the Covenant Yahweh made with Abraham, Isaac, and with Jacob-Israel; that this Covenant now also passes to all those who become part of Yahweh's family by keeping the same Covenant now renewed, which is the only path to eternal life to dwell with his family thoughout the Universe, as a member of His Eternal Heavenly household.

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Correct word definitions we use throughout this website:

Israel - plural, the collective national Biblical name given to the twelve tribes, Ex. 3:16, that stem from the name given to Jacob who was renamed Israel (the paternal father of the twelve sons that developed into the tribes), Gen. 32:28. The name Israel now refers to the ancient Biblical relatives and descendants of the original tribal people. In time Israel developed as a Kingdom, but in 930 BC Israel split into two Kingdoms. The tribe named Judah (Yahudah) became it's own Kingdom to the South, 1 Sam. 11:8, 2 Sam. 20:1, 1 Kings 12:16. There after the name Israel was accepted to apply only to the Northern Kingdom. The Northern Kingdom was conquered by Assyria in 721 BC, 2 Kings 17:6, and in time the people became dispersed all over the globe. Ancient Israel is known today as the lost tribes. The Southern Kingdom of Yahudah lasted until about 586 BC, when it went into captivity by ancient Babylonia/Persia (now called Iran), 2 Kings 24, 2 Kings 25. A few Israelites/Yahudim returned to their ancient Palestinian lands, but most are now also lost to history.

Israelite - singular, an individual of the collective whole ancient Biblical nation of Israel, i.e. a blood relative of the original true twelve tribes before the division of the Kingdom of Israel in 721 BC. There are no known relatives or blood descendants living today that can claim to have been spawned by the descendants of the original tribal people of Israel. The only people today that are "True Israelites" can however be identified, because they are all Covenant Keepers, Deut. 5:2-22; Isaiah 56.

Israelism - is the Biblical belief of the ancient tribal people of Israel that developed under Moses, specifically pertaining to the worship of the Almighty Sovereign Creator named YHWH (Yahweh). We are to follow His precepts as revealed by him, To keep His Covenant and to follow the principles that were over time provided by inspiration from Him to the true anointed prophets, who recorded them in the Hebrew Bible for Ancient Israel, and for us True Israelites today.

Israelist - singular, any individual believer of Israelism (or Yahwism). Keeper of the Covenant, and an adherent to the principles taught throughout the Hebrew Bible, as was also taught by Yahshua (Jesus) and his true disciples (according to the Synoptic Gospels) in the Greek New Testament. A worshiper of the Almighty Sovereign Creator named YHWH (Yahweh), who the Hebrew Bible teaches is the only Redeemer and Savior of man. Isa. 45:22, Isa. 47:4.

Yahwism, Yahwist, Israelism: Understanding Yahwism-Yahwist and Israelism.
Jew, Jews, Judaism: The Jew, Jews, their religion, why they are not True Israelites.

Our Mission Statement
To restore the original belief and the teaching of Israelism (aka Yahwism) found only in the Hebrew Bible (the Tan'akh).

Biblical Israelism/Yahwism was taught by the anointed prophet Yahshua (Jesus) and his chosen Apostles.

New Testament (NT) Christianity developed over three plus Centuries AFTER Yahshua and his followers walked Palestine. During those three Centuries many errors, opinions, false recollections, and conjectures developed in what became Constantine's Roman Catholic Churches' selected and approved NT Bible, which was limited to 27 books. The book called John didn't even exist until early in the second Century. For that and many other reasons we expose corrupt Christian doctrines using the ancient Hebrew language of the Bible and Konie Greek (aka New Testament Greek). We apply correct culture, exegesis, proper etymology and accurate English definitions for the ancient Biblical languages. Through Yahweh's life-Force Essence this search path will bring True Israelites and the stranger's (those that join their belief with True Israelites) to a better understanding of Yahweh's inspired revelation for us. All this is already revealed through the writings of the Hebrew prophets and will bring willing believers into 'Yahweh's fellowship' as forever members of His Eternal Heavenly Household. Read our Statement of Belief. Our belief will not be found in, or taught by any modern Christian Organizations because we only stand on the solid foundation found only in the writings of the Hebrew Bible and those same teachings supported by the prophet Yahshua (Jesus). We do not rely upon traditions, the private opinions and conjectures of the Pharisee Paul/Saul, or any New Testament teachings as foundational unless they are in harmony with the Tan'akh (the Hebrew Bible Yahshua used). Deut. 4:2. For Biblical truth. Read the Basics to learn the Bible.

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